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At Tracy Williamson - Venue Styling & Floral Design we adore weddings!  They are such an affirmation of hope for the future and provide the perfect opportunity for friends and family to celebrate the love and happiness of the newly weds. 


Where do I begin?

Weddings also showcase the personal tastes, passions and creativity of the couple and choosing the different elements of the wedding should be great fun, however deciding what we do like is often harder than knowing what we don't and the task of achieving your desired look down to the smallest detail may feel every bit as daunting as it is exciting.

This is why we provide a comprehensive range of Venue Styling products, Wedding Flowers and Event Planning and Design Services which are designed to alleviate any stress or uncertainty that you may be experiencing.

Once you have set the date, we suggest that you start collecting anything that inspires you.  Early planning allows you time to explore different options and having a clear sense of what you hope to achieve and is the best way to avoid a result that looks thrown together.  In fact, attention to detail makes all the difference and it's often the smallest things that that create the biggest impression. 

The links on the left feature some examples of our Venue Styling so please feel free to take some inspiration for your Wedding and most importantly, have fun, both during the planning and on the day.

Finally, remember that however difficult the planning may seem, it should be a pleasure and not a burden and don't loose sight of what is at the heart of it all - the celebration of an exciting new chapter in your life!

If you would like any assistance with planning or designing your 'dream wedding' then please do contact us to request a complimentary design consultation.  We can work with your ideas and combine your favourite decorative elements to produce a polished look that's both co-ordinated and stylish,  but still personal to you.





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